Learn how to achieve quality, restful sleep.

The PRIME Sleep project’s easy-to-use online learning program provides evidence-based knowledge to implement inexpensive and effective sleep solutions.

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Why is sleep important?

Poor sleep can significantly decrease the quality of life and worsen symptoms such as pain and inflammation.

  • Medication-based treatments can have serious adverse effects.
  • Non-pharmacological approaches can be highly effective, but aren’t being widely adopted.

How does PRIME work?

For professional caregivers

We’ve created eight 15-minute, interactive videos for you with content drawn from a rich set of scientific literature and expert knowledge. These videos will provide you with easy-to-apply, effective interventions to manage sleep in for patients with advanced life-limiting illnesses.

Watch our eight, 15-minute, easy-to-use interactive videos.

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Module 1

Sleep Basics

Module 2

Sleep Screening

Module 3

Sleep & Dementia

Module 4

Sleep & Cancer

Module 5

Sleep Interventions

Module 6

Sleep Hygiene

Module 7

Sleep & Environment

Module 8

Sleep & CHP